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Coupodx.com is a website that brings together and publishes coupons, discounts, campaigns and promotional news that make online shopping cheaper in order to create benefits for the internet community. Visitors to this site are deemed to have accepted the following conditions.

1) Coupodx.com online or offline stores’ opportunity, discount, promotion, campaign and coupon news; It is a site that broadcasts this type of information on the internet to convey this information to those who seek it.

2) Coupodx.com publishes two types of news:

-First; “Coupon”, “shopping coupon”, “coupon code”, “coupon code”, “discount coupon”, “discount voucher”, “discount code”, “gift voucher”, “offer voucher” to be used during internet shopping. Offers price reduction and label beautification coupons called “opportunity coupon”, “promotional code”, “campaign coupon”, “campaign code” and similar names to users.

-Secondly; It lists information such as installment or discount shopping opportunities, online or offline discount campaigns, and award-winning competition news.

3) Coupodx.com is not an e-commerce site and does not sell absolutely anything.

4) All information on the website is available for personal use of those who want to shop online. However, it is prohibited to copy this information for commercial purposes and to use it other than intended here.

5) The information published on the website is presented by compiling from various sources (such as social media, websites, press releases).

Coupodx.com is free to publish or not publish the campaigns and coupons it wants. The Site may not publish news that it considers to be misleading, worthless, repetitive, or unimportant to its users.

6) Coupodx.com editors, employees and site owners cannot be held responsible and accept no responsibility for any errors that may occur in data entry, up-to-date data, errors in the data source, correctness, inaccuracy, incompleteness of the information displayed on the site, and similar situations. The use of the information on the site is the responsibility of each user.

7) It is not possible for Coupodx.com to publish all the news, all campaigns, all coupons and all information in the world, and only selected news that we can reach and believe to be valuable are published on our site. The fact that some news is in other sources but not in us -or vice versa- can not cause a problem for our users, our site cannot be expected and requested to publish all the news in the world. Our site only provides “combination service for finding information in a practical way”.

8) Coupodx.com cannot guarantee the accuracy of the news and information published on its site. Every information on the site may have changed, expired or removed from publication due to the speed of the internet. Coupodx.com is not responsible for the accuracy and rules of any discount, coupon, campaign, promotion, opportunity, contest, sweepstakes and similar situations, such as cancellation, postponement, expiration, interruption, cancellation, not giving prizes, not announcing the winners. Our users should not neglect to personally verify the information provided on this site, from online or offline stores, which are the main source, and from the sites cited, if any, and to get all the details. Our users accept in advance that all the information they have been content with on our site and that they have not personally confirmed from the original source online or offline stores or sites may be incomplete, redundant, changed, inaccurate or outdated.

9) Coupodx.com does not accept any responsibility for the quality, warranty, prices, sales conditions, after-sales services and similar situations of the products you have purchased or will receive from the addresses mentioned and/or coupons are presented and/or linked in the articles it publishes. You are responsible for all your purchases from these sites or stores. Coupodx.com provides discounts, campaigns, opportunities, promotions, coupons, “a service to bring together information in a practical way” for your convenience.

10) All company, store, product and service comments on Coupodx.com site reflect only the opinions and views of the reviewers. Our site does not accept any responsibility for the articles written by the commentators.

11) All trademarks, names, logos, pictures and slogans on the website are the property of their respective owners.

12) Respects the reputation of all private names, companies, brands, products, institutions, communities and geographies that it publishes on the website. In case the owners of private names contact us directly through our contact information written on the site in order to exercise their right of correction and/or reply due to any article they see on our site, the necessary evaluations are completed in the most fair way and the application is justified.

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